Friday, March 17, 2017

Sugarloaf Walk

I've got to be honest...really I do....but Spring Break this year is making Key West unbearable. It's like the bad old days with people clogging the streets mostly drunk, driving badlym, stumbling when they walk, being rowdy and young and cheerful. Me? I am sticking to the backwoods with my dog for the moment. Especially this weekm as Florida universities are on break and that puts Key West within range of their badly driven cars. Heaven help us.
 We hadn't been tp Sugarloaf Key in a whil;e and it was  lovely morning. Rusty had a grand time and I trailed long behind him checking out awhatever there was to see.
I've photogrpahed these places before but each time I see things in a slightly different light thanks to the camera's all seeing eye.
In the distance typical Keys stilt houses. 
W stood on the shore of the lagoon in the middle of the island and Rusty wasn't much impressed. 
He was even less impressed when a stornger gust of wind than usual picked up a piece of briny foam and slapped him in the face with it:
 I took a quick picture in black and white to check the effect... which time my dog had ducked back into the safety of the undergrowth:
 A seagrpae throwing up some new growth which comes out in this Fall style of color, highlighted by the early morning sun:
And yes a couple of spring breakers made their way here on bicycles with a radio strapped to the handlebars making loud noises to shatter the peace of the morning in the woods. Sigh, nice kids but noisy.