Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Signs Of Key West

 I love walking around Key West after the bars close at 4 am and before daylight starts waking people up around  seven am. One does run the risk of being swept away by a speeding bicycle but I got away with standing around in the middle of Lazy Way Lane this time...
 I like the silence, the empty streets, the weird other-worldliness of  Key West uninhabited. Oh, and the shiny bright signs.
Then there was the automated teller machine that wasn't automated at all. Out Of Service.  Lucky I didn't need any cash.
At that hour of the morning Duval Street definitely does not look it's best.  The debris from the night before reaches epic proportions. You wonder how they manage to create this Augean Stable of trash in just one evening of epic drinking. But they do, over and over again.
I was stone cold sober but this sign just got away from me. Each line is uneven and the hours are just to crammed in to make any sense.
The former county mayor was a most capable self promoter and here she still is, a decade on. Amazing. 
Cheyenne knows where the cat food bowls are and i make sure she only gets a taste. The cats need it more than she does.
 Two survivors...
 Kids stuff. You don't see window displays like this dedicated to youngsters that often. Its mostly t-shorts about matters sexual cheering up passersby in Key West.
Call me odd but I found this combination of signs somewhat disquieting. The Hyatt presents itself as what iut is, an expensive waterfront resort. But here they are begging for customers with some crappy happy hour special deal. The two just don't seem to go together to me. But this stupid notion of happy hour has become  so entrenched that we find it everywhere. A  bar without "happy" hour is inconceivable. Drink hard, drink fast and please don't drive. I'm on my motorcycle out there.