Thursday, July 25, 2019

Mangrove Walk

Early mornings I have been exercising my legs marching up and down back roads, working on improving my leg muscles in preparation for my visit to the surgeon next month when I hope to be given 100% physically fit status...and when that happens I start earning leave again and overtime and working regular 12 hour shifts. I will have put the last vestiges of the Catastrophe behind me. 
It is hot even before 7 am and if there is no breeze I am usually sweating copiously hoping my insect repellent is holding on against mosquitoes and horseflies. Usually I am fine as whoever created Deep Woods Off had my sweaty skin in mind apparently. Rusty relies on fur and speed to keep himself ahead of insects though I do see him rubbing his snout from time to time as the biters get a purchase on his less well protected skin.
Summer is a time of not much human traffic in neighborhoods as empty homes wait for snowbirds to return but at the same time wildlife is much diminshed too as migratory birds have gone away too. 
Their absence is made up for by spectacular clouds and thunderstorms and brilliant skies and bright sunrises. 
I can think of no better way to unwind from a night of call taking at the police department than walking Rusty in these wild empty spaces.
For me it is a chance to see the world through my view finder and if some days I photograph what I see in color, other days I go black and white or occasionally use a filter and see the world slightly altered. 
The mangroves are strange plants as they grow in place that is completely flat, frequently flooded by salt water tides and yet the produce shades of green and make a home to the occasional splash of color.

Even in monochrome the flat Florida Keys carry their own drama under cloudy skies. I love how the countryside changes mood by removing the bright colors.

 And here by contrast some color, what these empty silent spaces really look like!
I have often said Florida is a subtle state and people laugh at me. Yet this is a state that lacks dramatic physical features so people tend to dismiss the flat peninsula as boring. To me it is a miracle I can find these deserts and have them to myself in a place that lacks landmass, that lacks features and yet bursts with people.
Rusty likes it too.