Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Card Sound Toll

Card Sound will be changing appearance slightly this week. Starting today we are advised work will begin to tear down the old toll booth next to Alabama Jacks restaurant at the Dade- Monroe county line. In the photo below from a few years ago the Bonneville is just inside the Monroe County line looking south at the toll booth. 
The removal of the booth has been planned for some time and I got a last set of not so great pictures on the fly the last time we drove through and paid the dollar toll. The toll was instituted to pay for the bridge over Card Sound but that bridge was long since paid for and the toll lives on. 
 It was a manual toll booth and during the day two people took your money and gave change. The employees at Ocean Reef got a pass to reduce the cost and starting in February this will be an automated Sunpass machine. If it's like Dade County they will send a bill from a photo taken of your vehicle tag in the event you don't have a Sunpass. 
 It should speed up the process of passing through. On holidays and high travel days the line could get quite long. And all you had to do was proffer a dollar bill...even on a motorcycle you paid a full buck. Grr...
 It was a rite of passage for those of us who prefer Card Sound to the high speed tailgating and low speed performance of the 18 Mile Stretch, Highway One from Homestead to Key Largo.
And now those anonymous interchangeable people are gone for good. If their booth doesn't come down completely today the job will be finished tomorrow so Card Sound is out of service while the work gets done.
Hurricane Irma did a number on the already weak canvas at the toll booth and sadly no one saw any reason to clean up. Oh well. Starting in February they say the new Sunpass machine will be here in it's place.