Friday, March 20, 2009

Catholic Lane

According to J Wills Burke's book Streets of Key West the Catholic portion of the city cemetery was added in 1861...
...and just over the fence lies a little stub of a lane called by the same name:Catholic Lane has but a few houses off Angela Street which runs alongside the cemetery fence,in a one way direction out of town, towards White Street:The view from the lane is one of fencing and the most peaceful of neighbors, the dead. And coincidentally, scooters:The lane itself is typical of the Old Town half block dead ends that litter Key West. Most passersby probably only ever catch a glimpse of the lane as there is a stop sign on Angela Street across the entrance, which has to be annoying to residents with sensitive ears, as the cars stop noisily and start up again in succession at that same spot. My wife says I am overly sensitive to noise so I am probably exaggerating the effect for normal people. The rest of the lane is delightfully peaceful:
In addition to the cute Conch cottages there was a surprising amount and diversity of off street parking:
Not forgetting snowbirds parking their bicycles:
And the ever present indoor-outdoor porch lifestyle of the sub tropics:The lane itself dead ends into a white picket fence and a bunch of bougainvillea:Off to one side a giant tree overpowers the houses underneath:While on the other side of the lane was a charming wooden cottage:With a mailbox that looked equally charming if less useful:And in the front yard a plant I don't see much of in Key West, a geranium, which in Italy where I grew up was said to be off-putting to snakes:
Though of course having said that I am sure an abundance of geraniums will suddenly fall under my eye.
And in closing, a shot of the Bonneville at almost 24,000 miles.