Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Days

I feel like I am in a count down, as September vanishes as fast as it came. This month of quiet and closure and reflection is almost gone and soon we will see people and excitement again and the gruesome nudity of Fantasy Fest (no genitals, no buttock cracks, and female breasts must be painted, please!) and all the drunken crowds will be upon us.

Business is slow in September so many restaurants close and take a break. People take out-of-town vacations, go to see their families or the leaves changing, or to enjoy a little bit of frost for a change. Me? I like it here especially in September, and if I can take a vacation I like to go at the beginning of summer before the height of hurricane season, which is now.

September is hot and sticky usually, though this year climate change or some other force of Nature sent foul weather everywhere except here, and one sits and waist for the cool of Fall to arrive. I am in no hurry.

I read the news and I marvel at Germany's principled reluctance to bail out Greece, and I marvel at how governments are in thrall to the bankers - "Goldman Sachs Rules The World!" Alessio Rastani told the BBC in an embarrassing moment of truth telling, and I wonder why people act surprised.

Key West trundles along, grunts and grits in our future perhaps, but the sunshine is ours, as long as we can keep our tenuous grip on The Rock.

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Rainy Escape

You'd think rain wouldn't bother a water dog like a Labrador, but Cheyenne had the misfortune to be raised by some family that did not encourage her sense of adventure. I rather think being dumped at the SPCA was the most adventurous thing that happened to her, poor thing.

Thus I was not surprised that she took refuge on the cool tile floor of the unoccupied tiki bar while we listened to the rain and I played with the camera.

It was a ten minute soaking wet walk to get out to the end of the dock and we were both a bit bedraggled. The day was gray and close.

When my wife and I were out sailing Central America I was surprised how cold I got when the rain came down. Standing in a wet t-shirt on watch in eighty degree weather with rain slashing under my Bimini shade, my teeth would chatter I would get so cold.

And sitting on our catamaran on a day too wet and overcast for snorkeling was dreary indeed. I used to compare snorkeling the untrammeled reefs of the under developed world - ironic description!- to going to the movies there was so much color down there.

Standing under the tiki looking out at Boca Chica Bay those rainy DVD days at anchor seemed like memories from another world. Someone else's life.

On the whole Cheyenne seems to like her new life.

Perhaps I should cut back the daily walks when it's raining cats and dogs.

The trouble is, I like walking in the rain, I like my memories, and I like the fact that this is as "bad" as bad weather gets around here. Give or take thirty degrees.

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Leafy Green Leaves

I wondered why the nice lady went round Cheyenne and I in the street but it wasn't us, it was the jungle.

The sidewalk was impassable but we ploughed through the wet fronds. Adventure! I have no clue what they are called though.

Well, not really an adventure, but Cheyenne was having fun and I was enjoying in a modest way, the otherwise empty sidewalks. I was quite surprised to see the relatively big red car badged as a Mini. I discovered something new, the Countryman.

Apparently it was quite controversial in the motoring world when it was offered for sale as they said it looked so big. It seems to fit into small parking spaces in Key West.

Not as small as a scooter but I wouldn't mind if my car got 35 miles per gallon.

Flowers, yellow, unknown to me.

I have a real problem remembering the names of plants and animals but I think these are buttonwoods. I think. Maybe.

I'm pretty sure this is a royal palm.

I think it's a royal palm because of the long smooth trunk. Other than that I haven't a clue.

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Here Comes The Sun

I am not cut out for cold damp climates. I always like the idea of snow or cold but when I find myself in the middle of it I shrivel up.

So it was that when the sun put in an appearance after twenty four hours away I rejoiced, and overexposed it at Higgs Beach.

The most subtle ray of light looked like the center of the Earth to me.

A chimney would have been useful Monday to ward off rheumatism.

Higgs Lake started the long slow process of evaporation to restore order and grass to the park.

And on the drive home with a tired dog sprawled on the back seat...

...I was delighted to have the sun in my eyes. Winter holds no dread for me in the Fabulous Florida Keys.

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Driving Blind

I've mentioned previously how people like to preserve their headlights by not using them around dawn and dusk, but even more fascinating is the idea of driving through heavy rain without lights.

Puddles produce spray which, added to the rain makes visibility even worse and windshield wipers can't always keep up with the flow of water as well as one might like.

No matter. Why waste electricity to be seen?

It takes effort to turn on the windshield wipers.

But turning on the headlights? Nah.

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