Monday, February 27, 2017

Those Picket Fences

Not all fences in Key West are proper picket fences.
 I saw this "AAA Approved" sign on the fence outside Mangia Mangia restaurant. Does anyone, I wondered, use AAA recommendations anymore? Does Triple A make recommendations? I am a member and I have Tripadvisor on my iPhone...
I think this next picture was on Margaret Street near Carey Lane with my back to the cemetery. The dude on the left had just stepped inside clearing the way for the picture, then he stepped out and butted into my frame. I felt like complaining but that seemed a bit harsh as it was his front yard.
 This one made its way to my Instagram account, Angela Street alongside the cemetery:
Strictly speaking this isn't  a picket fence but I like Bonnie Albury's house even restored to gleaming perfection, as I remember it the way it was when Bonnie, the last of her family was fading away there and calling 911 petulantly complaining about painters setting up easels on the sidewalks painting her old pile against her wishes. I talked her down many times when I worked day shift in 2004  and 2005.
Lots of lines and woodwork to keep pristine in these non-picket fences at the Albury house on Southard Street. The decks are painted with some weird gleaming paint that looks like it just got rained on.
 Quintessential Key West:
 The Citizen newspaper box on its side at the same location, however its label still manages to come up right side up. Down but not out: also quintessentially Key West.