Friday, January 24, 2020

Downtown Under Gray Skies

I saw a burst of sunlight as Rusty and I passed but all too soon it was gone.
 The day was one of gray overcast skies, heavy cloud and intermittent rain.
It's unfortunate for visitors who usually put a brave face on it describing snowdrifts and limited hours of daylight and no sunshine Up North. Then they come here and are greeted by something less than tropical weather. 
For me it's a pretty good deal as the clouds bring cooler weather and rain isn't that bothersome in Key West as it tends to come and go and is never too terribly cold (unless you are on a motorcycle).
 A child's shoe. Just one. No idea why it was left on Whitehead Street:
I took refuge under the awnings on my side of Front Street near Clinton Square just like the stranger in the picture below. I watched the rain come down for a while with Rusty sitting at my feet enjoying the scenery. He loves to people watch. 
We walked through Mallory Square in the gray half light, shade from the momentary appearance of the sun through the clouds. It's an automatic reaction when you've lived in Florida: see shade, walk in it.  A few days later a violent moment swept through the homeless denizens of Mallory Square and one guy reportedly beat the other guy not with a bat or a knife or a gun butt or something more conventional. Apparently the offensive weapon was a glass tip jar shaped like a fish, and  one man ended up in the hospital. The other was arrested.
That sort of news will force some sort of reaction by the city. You can't have bums fighting at a major tourist attraction and not have consequences. 
The La Concha Hotel above and the old Kress Building below on other side of the Fleming Street intersection at Duval. La Concha's claim to fame is this is where Ernest Hemingway lived when he first came to Key West and got struck here for a few weeks with his wife..
The Kress building used to be the eccentric department store called Fast Buck Freddie's. Now its a chain pharmacy and so Key West keeps evolving.