Thursday, June 9, 2016

Caroline Street Life

Caroline Street has been undergoing major construction and one can imagine that hasn't helped businesses along the street. I noticed a couple of businesses that have gone, including Joe's Place at 920 Caroline that was to have been a neighborhood pub. It's hard to say if the construction is solely responsible for closures, but it sure can't help. This place is up now:
 I think Caroline will look good when finished, with decent sidewalks and yes reduced parking but with planters and trees and stuff. No benches of course as the only way to deal with bums in Key West is to deprive everyone of places to lounge in public... The new 24 hour gym is opening at the old West Marine to the right in the corner below:
Key West boasts a convenience store every block practically. Why anyone would carry water around with them in plastic bottles I'm sure I don't know as you can buy cold water everywhere.
 I posted this one on Facebook with the caption: Not always. This corner of Peacon Lane tends to attract bums so I suppose this tank serves a purpose as well  as being off the street.
An old eyebrow home looking I'm not sure if picturesque or partly renovated. I am no judge of these things.
 Peacon Lane between Caroline and Eaton Streets:
Poinciana doing its thing. Thanks to the always irreverent Love Lane Jack on Facebook I discovered possibly why some people call it "Royal Poinciana" as it's Latin name he says is Delonix Regia so the regia bit might explain the royal. For me its just a poinciana or a flame tree as it's known in the Caribbean. The African Flame Tree I'm told is a similar tree but slightly different.
 Eaton Street is a main artery into town. The morning commute, by bicycle, car and motorcycle:
Which is a good reason to live in Key West if heavy traffic has exhausted you. We complain of course, but its not really bad, ever.