Thursday, March 16, 2017

Vaca Cut

I had time to burn while the car's tires were replaced and I spotted a likely walk along the waterway that divides the city of Marathon in two. It yielded scenes of canalside life to my camera:
It was busy too for a Friday and I had some frustations trying to get decent pictures from the overgrown path I was walking: 
There's an island located just off Sombrero Beach area south of Marathon. As you can see in this picture below taken at full digital zoom it is a rock wioth ahouse on it, not even room to walk the dog.
 The boats came and went on the turquoise waters:

Apparently it's pretty shallow around here as the boats even the smallest stuck to the clearly marked channels:
 Cklearly marked around the end of the land as you can see here:

 Rusty the land dog was busy checking stuff out:
The land is for sale so I suppose it will become something useful at some point. For now there are trees, shade and mangroves arching artictically:

 It is actually a scenic waterway, as short as it is:

 Drifting along ignoring the constant traffic on the Overseas Highway rumbling over the bridge:

Looking North, what they call Gulfside in Marathon: 
 The open water!