Friday, November 28, 2014

Images From Jekyll Island

I really like this place. It's beautiful, well kept, unpretentious, welcoming and all based on a particular moment in history when very wealthy people made this their vacation retreat. That the State of Georgia bought this land after Workd War Two before it all crumbled is to the eternal credit of the state government. When people say government doesn't work they should check this place out. Saved by government powered by a public-private partnership, enjoyed by the taxpayers. Great stuff.

I think of the architecture on display at the modern millionaire's retreat, Ocean Reef and the comparison falls completely flat, especially compared to this place. Jekyll Island is proud of it's history and it's on display. This is the original symbol created for the new Federal Reserve they dreamed up here in 1910.

These rooms inside the main club house can be rented for family or business gatherings. It's nicely done.

Spanish moss, in abundance. Evocative.

You and your dog can walk these gorgeous gardens at will.

These coastal marshes aren't the turquoise waters of the Keys but the views are tremendous. There was a strong very cold north wind blowing here. Cheyenne was in her element.


And from the end of the island we froze and watched the sun set.



She found something gross to chew on, of course. Bliss.


Nice place Jekyll Island.