Monday, October 5, 2020

Earning A Crust

It's a popular schtick on Duval Street to set your dog up on the sidewalk and earn a  living. 
I don't get it but I suppose if all else fails I could dress Rusty up as Harlequin and have him earn us a crust for a change.
The other way to earn a living is to take your clothes off, not recommended for everyone .  The notion that drinking a  beer with a  naked Eastern European woman is somehow a good way to spend your money does help keep people employed.
I quite like the color scheme and roofline of the Red Garter on Charles Street.
Across the street the slightly more dilapidated rear of Rick's is in a  way more picturesque.
Art flourishes.
Key West
And takes a break occasionally in the shade.
Sloppy Joe's has reopened after months closed. The precise levels of precautions to be taken are more or less up to business owners now. The Governor has decreed that fines and citations for mask violations are void so everything is voluntary on the street and up to the business indoors. As far as I can tell every business requires masks as they are trying to encourage people to come in and shop. Key West Florida
According to the paper the Tropic has re-opened and is showing one movie ('The Way I See It") to 25 ticket holders at a time. It's a start.
Key West Cinema
What next I wonder as the infection numbers start to go back up. Patience is a virtue I keep telling myself.
Key West, Florida