Sunday, October 4, 2020

Heat On Duval

Forgive me if I have been sounding a bit whiny about the heat this year but as you can see I really am not alone. It is hot and humid this year and we are as usual getting a  little antsy for relief. 
Five o'clock on Duval Street and the sweat is think in my eyebrows fogging up my viewfinder and turning my shrt into a limp sweat soaked rag. Walking past the Pegasus Hotel on the corner of Southard Street I saw a display of red and blue not previously seen, all Art Deco through the trees.
We've had a mild cool front which caused temperatures to tumble Up North. but gave us only a momentary relief from the humidity. We will probably have to wait another month for winter to set in around here.
The bridge into Key West has been repaired and completed months ahead of schedule which is great. North Roosevelt Boulevard hasn't flooded at all despite the heavy rains which shows the engineering project that tore up the main road a few years ago has been well done. Front Street is where the flooding seems to be worst though there are places all around Key West where streets can go under water. Not North Roosevelt though, the flooding there really does seem to be solved for now.
Construction on Duval Street is a good thing to see as many storefronts are closed. I was glad to see one building being gutted and got ready for new occupants.
The optimism of construction. 
I read about lock downs coming back in parts of Europe as they get more cases of coronavirus, a period they are choosing to call the second wave. I don't know how they do it, financially or emotionally. I wish we could get a handle on mask wearing and social distancing to get ahead of things. Aside from the financial stress lockdowns don't seem viable to me as the virus pops up after the lockdown ends. 
I get calls at work from people who want to visit the Keys and call the police to ask weird questions. Why they don't call the chamber of commerce I don't know and when I suggest they do they make noises like they don't know why I would suggest such an outlandish idea. Except I know nothing about the tourist industry, or where to stay and what to do except in the broadest and vaguest terms. That's the Chamber's job; my job is to send ambulances and stuff. Theses days travel is a more intimate choice than ever and if you can't go through life without eating our or drinking in a bar you have to make your own choices. I don't know what to tell you except that I'm ordering food to go and avoiding crowds and planes and indoor seating and gyms until the scientists tell me otherwise.
There is no secret code to going on vacation in the Keys. The roads are open, hotels are operating and bars and restaurants are open by order of the governor. In a month what will happen? I hope we have a strong cold front by then to cool us down and I hope everyone will  be wearing masks to get us out of this wretched pandemic. One seems likely, the other not so much.