Friday, August 30, 2019

Fleming Street

Florida's oldest library was under siege when I walked by. She was trying to attract the librarians' attention by rapping sharply on the glass door with something metallic like a key or a coin. I walked on before they opened and before she pulled out the heavy artillery to get her way.
 Then I got the stink eye from the usual wildlife.
But there again they have these pests under control at the library as "they spread disease." 
 Rusty ignored it all as he fears chickens and will cross the street to not meet a chicken head on.
 But he will stick his head in a bush  on Love Lane even at the risk of being ambushed by a chicken..
 These birds didn't bother him at all:
A  conversation over the fence  in a Norman Rockwell moment:

So much to see and point out!

It was a lovely morning on Fleming Street. We enjoyed it, though I do miss Flora and Flip's convenience store and the promise of a replacement hasn't materialized. It used to be a neighborhood the good old days.
 Any street in Old Town looks good in the low morning light.
and back at the library on our way to the car he got a few cheerful pets from the homeless denizens on the wall: