Saturday, March 25, 2017

Spring Or Summer

Our long string of breezy cool nights seems to coming to an end, summer is closing in even as the rest of the country shows excessive gratitude for the appearance of spring. I had a long day so on my way to work I went to Sandy's, three blocks from the police station and ordered a pick-me-up, coffee and cheese bread. And yes it was worth it and delicious and I sat there and read  my Kindle on my phone. It was lovely.
I took Rusty to my wife's schoolroom in Marathon and after I dropped off her new fridge for her office behind the classroom we went for a walk. The thing (one of the things) I like about Rusty ius how adaptable he is. He loves running on wooded trails but he likes variety soa walk on aleash in a city is fine too. I must have food on my mind because this new place, finished at last suddenly looked interesting. I put it on my mental list.
Over by Keys Fisheries I saw this sign next to the charter fishing boats waiting for customers. Long wait I thought to myself admiring the sign's intransigent negativity.
 In August these pots will be dropped all over the coastal waters of the Keys.
 I am amazed any lobster at all live to tell of their survival of a season avoiding all these pots.
And, oh yes it's warming up a bit. Rusty and I don't mind as long as there's something to look at, or to smell or to photograph.