Friday, December 12, 2014

Key West Cold

The clouds, the rain, the winds have moved on and Key West basks in winter sunshine. This is as winter should be, at least for those of us allergic to snow and sleet.

Park your bicycle with all your possessions aboard and take in some rays. Life is good at Higgs Beach.

I love these primary colors, the crisp 65 degree air, the sound of my Labrador snoring.

I am not a fan of lager beer, preferring slightly more robust beers that aren't acidic IPAs. But I do notice clever advertising. Longboard liquid aloha makes you want to like lager! It's also a reminder of what Key a West isn't.

The four lies about Key West: that it is tropical, that it is an island, that it is in the Caribbean and that life here is laid back. The reality is slightly different.

It's all advertising of course, chamber of commerce propaganda that shaves a little off reality here and there. The story reads better that way, however when this is reality, al fresco lunch in December, the alterations to reality don't seem to amount to much!

And better than Hawaii, here you can take road trips... to New York in half a day...or Bogotà if you prefer...

...or any of the European capitals over night.

Or you can just stay on the Rock...

...and take a nap. Old age has it's privileges.