Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sleepy Hollow

To name one's crane company after a celebrated hero of literature is no bad thing, though Washington Irving's hero seems an odd choice.

I doubt though there are any headless Hessians on Big Pine Key.

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Bow Channel

Looking out across the winter waters.

Too cold to swim in, for my tropical tastes, but always worth looking at.

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Super Duper Power Boats

They're b-a-a-a-ck!

Eccentrics on boats with BIG engines.

And couches...?

They were having fun riding through town.

I saw them passing on Duval.

Tourists thought the boats looked cool.

Anywhere but Cleveland can't be bad this time of year.

Checking out the passing talent.

It looked a bit mid western to me, but I'm not gay.

The peanut butter customers went out to watch with their chequered napkins.

I'm not sure what the attraction of power boat races are.

Loud and fast in a straight line.

Hey, a purple boat, a team obviously secure in their manhood.

Lots and lots of boats cluttering up Duval and Whitehead Streets.

A 200 mile per hour Suzuki with extended rear wheel (modified at vast and pointless expense) and the rider drags his feet like a learner?

A parade for a golf cart.

A chicken held things up for a second.

Large chests match large bank accounts around here.

The well-to-do teams bring scooters to ride around the paddock in-between races.

Everyone brings along a spare blonde or two.

Dream on kids.

From little parades large acorns are sown.

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Key West Pix XVI

It made me think of Cheyenne but I was glad she was safe at home waiting for me. We went for a walk together when I got back.

I saw the light up in the Freeman Justice Center and wondered who was burning the weekend oil, or who had forgotten to turn the bulb out.

I like being a passenger. It hardly happens to me but I like it when I do get to ride.

"Nice dress," said Chuck. "in the suicide lane..." She survived as far as we saw.

Ibis Bay (the former Blue Lagoon) has rooms to rent now that it is low season once again.

Babe on a bike. Nuff sed.

Scooter on a wrecker. Questions abound.

But we were long gone and I was riding in the back so I couldn't have turned around even had I wanted to.

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At The Seaside

My wife came along Saturday when I left the house to walk Cheyenne. She says we get to see more of each other when I work nights, so even when I work Saturday night we get to spend the day together.

Cheyenne loses out because we talk and she doesn't get my undivided attention when someone else comes along on our walks.

A helicopter flew overhead and I hoped it would pass close over the bridge. In the event all I got was a little black dot in the top right corner of the picture.

Cheyenne got busy grazing, turning her back on us.

Helicopters, cars, planes: it was Grand Central Station.

And let's not forget the boats.

All too much for a girl.

I was astonished to spot il Duce riding by on a Harley.

The picnic-ing pair untied the boat and left.

I took a last look around, the island off Bahia Honda State Park.

Sunbathers enjoying a winter day at the beach in the park.

And then we left too.

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