Friday, January 2, 2015

Duval Street Crowds

There are lots of people in town, and quite a few with cameras. Here in the street in front of Willie T's:
Margaritaville full of people having fun, quite a few in silly pork pie hats:
Some with odd matching back packs, probably Europeans:
Nice of them to wait for the light  before crossing. Wish all visitors were this considerate:
The sidewalks were clumped with people ambling up and down:
I like cell phones even though everyone makes too much of them:
I call them zombies but its rather unfair. What else can you do as you herd your family up and down Duval Street looking at dust catchers and remembering the lost excitement of your youth?
Bicycling shorts and a hat fit for the Queen Mother's garden party. I know nothing about fashion but it did seem a striking combination to me.
The certainty of youth:
I like that Key West still manages to attract young people. A bigger higher education presence would be nice.
A parade of pedicabs to round out the crowd theme of the New Year's arrival in Key West.