Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday In Key West

Some people live over Duval Street. I cannot fathom wanting to live here, on a street where noise never ends. Bars play loud music, crowds gather, and in the early morning clean up crews run generators, sprayers and dump trucks and when you sleep or have quiet time on Duval I just don't know.
But there again you can walk to all the bars you need or want. I have been watching this much neglected mural next to the San Carlos Theater. I was standing under the portico avoiding one more shower and I saw the boat apparently sailing into a black void. Perhaps it was my black brought about by the endless rain, or the stop-and-go-endless traffic on US One but the ship looked like a metaphor for Key West sailing into the bleak dark future of endless upscale tourism swamping the Lower Keys' charms.
There has been a lot of talk lately about reining in the Chamber of Commerce and the Tourist Development Council because there is too much tourism in town. Of course the alternative, in the past, has led Key West to bankruptcy so it is a bit of a delicate balance.   
I feel bad for people who have planned vacations in Key West the  past couple of weeks as the weather has been nasty. But you have to give the determined vacationers credit, as I mostly hear people say 68 degrees in the rain is much better than what they have been living through at home.
I noticed the little alley on the 600 block of Duval has been named. Actually it has two names to commemorate local figures. The sign post marks more changes downtown. 
And then I cam across a sight that cheered me up, a glimmer of Key West as I remember it more fondly. A boat bilge pump in the basket of a scooter. No big deal of course but to me it's a small reminder that boats can be a part of daily life in this harbor town turned resort.
The orange handles looked like the kind of grips you use to clamp onto the hull of a boat when you are cleaning it, but I wasn't sure as I sued clamps of a different type on mine. A harbor rat's scooter it looked like.