Friday, September 23, 2011

Fireball Rainy Season

I can hardly believe it's almost October already, but a summer that started out dry as a bone is ending with as wet a rainy season as one might want.

Every day a portion of the horizon seems to have to look as black as night. And on the road heading to Key West clouds pile up, sunny yes, but moisture is up there somewhere.

Indeed off to the north across the Saddlebunch Keys there is a threat of rain under a dark gray sky.

And then straight ahead, through the power lines I saw the beginnings of a rainbow.

Fear not, I shan't make a habit of closing a day on a sentimental note, but there it was.

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Key West Wheels

A young woman in a red bikini flashed into view as I was composing a different shot. Oh well.

What made it worthwhile was the reaction of this evidently not gay resident of Key West. Apparently he misses the company of women.

To ride with electric hear and a little red flag and a helmet is another way to draw attention to oneself.

Or one can face the fury of traffic dressed more casually, and still survive.

I wanted a picture of the bench looking out over the Key West harbor. The idea of posing myself crossed my mind but happily this cyclist saved me the effort.

The flag could be a well worn rainbow or some other symbol that has managed to escape my notice. Flags originally were intended as rallying points for troops on the field of battle and were thus supposed to be easily identifiable. This one beats me.

Getting ready for a possibly busy day pedi-cabbing.

The idea that a bike rental company might serve it's customers by bicycle struck me as odd. Then I realized that the thought itself was stupid. Nuff sed.

I like this view down Solares Hill.

The hill itself may only be, variously, fourteen or sixteen feet above sea level, but in a town built at sea level that gives the street a perspective not often seen around here.

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Seagulls Waiting

Another day getting underway in the Southernmost City, on the beach.

I have no idea what he seagulls were waiting for, but there they were, on the beach...

...on the Higgs pier.

Perhaps they were waiting for the day to clear up. Which would be a long wait as clouds rain were predicted to dominate the weather yesterday, and they did wherever I went.

It was as though there were blue skies around, but out of reach.

Still waiting.

My former neighbor and the Citizen's former wine columnist buzzed by on his way somewhere else.

Which reminded me I had places to go and things to photograph. So I too blew the scene.

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