Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Monochrome Walk In The Woods

Cheyenne ran ahead, behind, to the side. She is a sidebar to these pictures, but trust me she had a blast. I enjoyed myself taking pictures with my iPhone. Count me among the heathen who like pixels. My sister-in-law thinks real books don't live in my Kindle. She's wrong. I love being able to read anywhere anytime with my library carried around in my pocket. Similarly that same library is also my camera- black and white on the iPhone camera, color on the Camera+ app. Lovely. I think I like my iPhone.


Celo lends itself to contemplative photography, this picture below I took at ten o'clock at night, cold crisp air, Cheyenne snuffling in the leaves, me figuring the flash.

This I took leaning out io the car at 12 miles per hour, on Hannah Branch Road, the main road through the Intentional Community of Celo, the road the state of North Carolina wants to pave but that a dozen hold outs in the community don't want paved to prevent people from speeding.


Because the community operates by consensus, one "no" vote is enough to stymie anything. No road pavement then. Damn their eyes. My car gets muddy...I am not a candidate for membership at Celo. They'd drive me mad! Or I them.






A few pictures, a short walk, a happy elderly dog. A good start to the day. I hope it is for you too.