Monday, January 21, 2019

Old Bahia Honda

In my continuing effort to hit all our old favorite haunts, the ones I can reach by rolling walker I made a point to haul Rusty to the Old Bahia Honda Bridge. 
Which it turns out is about 45 minutes from my current home in Key West. It takes a certain commitment to drive this far for Rusty, especially as Layne has brought him here on her way to work. 
 It was a good morning for it, as the clouds were dramatic and I had hopes for a sunrise. I got lucky enough.
The bridge is continuing to crumble and It's a shame. Inevitable but it would make a superb bike path right into the state park at the other end. 
There is a filter setting I'm coming to terms with on my big camera called "Old Days" and I like the effect:
 So I played with it for a bit.
 There was dew on the grass; it must be winter.

 The new bridge isn't picturesque but it does the job.
 Rusty trotted out and back but I could only get so far on the gravel. We called it a day.
And stopped at a launch ramp on the way back. It's another of those free access to the water ramps scattered up and down the Keys. 
In the distance I could barely make out the No Name Key bridge as the sun had disappeared and rain was closing in again.
 It was beautiful. I love these spots.
 Rusty was having fun in his own way.
It was a good morning and worth the drive.