Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wandering Old Town 3

It's been a while since I featured a Key West street chicken. Well its the time of year when a new batch of chickens is seeing the light of day and here they are, learning to forage on city streets.Personally I prefer the silent dignity of ibis and other native birds but a lot of people are very fond of street chickens. I am very fond of this BSA 441 last seen for sale at the Yamaha shop. It was nice to see it on the street and in use.
A more stylish way to get around would be hard to imagine (Chuck's BSA caff racer might be a candidate...).
The beauty of simplicity. This next sign cheered me up. I was tempted to loiter as long as they would let me and then get into a semantic debate about "excessive,"but I rather think it is aimed at undesirable residentially challenged persons. Not here for instance, I'm sure she could loiter to her heart's content.I have to admit a certain prejudice in that small dogs not only bark excessively but they are not very....manly? I think less of myself for thinking this but I have yet to find a small dog support group that helps men like me with this attitude problem. I love it when I walk by and 85 pound Cheyenne ignores the yapping ankle biters. Which begs the question: why do some hotels allow only small dogs? The noisy ones? Key West businesses like to put put dog bowls and to my surprise Cheyenne dug in. She usually prefers foul gutter water. Breaking all dress codes here we have a Harley rider wearing a helmet (and clogs):
I wish I could remember the point she was making but it was most emphatic and it sounded urgent and serious too.
I have no idea what "milling the road" means but it was nice of them to explain why parking was prohibited.
A proper sized dog! Too bad he needs a restraint to keep his Labrador under control. If he'd done like me and gone to the pound he could have had an older grateful dog for just $50 bucks who lives to please me. I cannot conceive of paying $800 for a dog from a puppy mill. Cheyenne's collar is loose enough it can easily slide over her head.
Condemned city offices at Simonton Street with hurricane shutters in place.
A nicely decorated car with a non tropical theme for once. More Harleys trundling up Fleming Street. It must get exhausting having to decorate in the orange and black official colors of the Motor Company.
I wonder if puts the leather sheath on when they get off the motorcycle?