Saturday, May 30, 2009

Key Lime Square

I took advantage of a few free moments to yesterday to take some pictures of a nook off the 500 block of Southard Street. It's a small enough space but in a town renowned for all things small that is no great crime. To make this a proper outdoor space it needs some seating arrangements which I am sure are absent thanks to the swarms of street people who gather close to Duval Street and would doubtless invade this quiet space,which is home to realtors, restaurants and appartments.There are conveniently situated planters to allow some form of sitting in the shady square, but a better option is to get something to eat. I've ordered quesadillas to go from the Mexican Cafe and they were quite adequate:You can see Duval Street all the way through the restaurant. The draw for me is the outdoor eatery known as Lobos at the far end of the square, past the moped (and motorcycle) parking:They make hamburgers but they are known for their wraps, so many different types of wraps they can't fit in one picture but they are all less then ten bucks and they are a lot of food:The main entrance to the square is off Southard Street across from the (mostly) vegetarian cafe across the street:And the square itself is a useful parking place if you have a scooter and want to be within a half block of Duval Street:Or if you want to check out my doctor who advertises that he will see anyone even snowbirds and tourists which is very broad minded of him I think.Dr Norris' surgery is the one not covered by hurricane shutters. Key Lime Square is also handy as it has two other pedestrian exits, one alley goes out into the parking lot in back of city hall,and the other alley connects to Duval Street next to the Mexican Restaurant, which may or may not ever be a useful thing of which to be aware. But now you do know where a facsimile of an old fashioned barber's pole can be found in Key West.
I like the square, not just because I suffer blood letting here from time to time but because I like the shady ambiance of the place:And Ed Swift also built seven affordable rental units here for a few lucky residents. They don't have to step far to be in the middle of the action of Old Town Key West. For those that like such things.