Saturday, February 24, 2018

Murals of St Petersburg

The Grand Central district of St Petersburg has some astonishing and vivid murals. They are everywhere. 
They range from the fantastic to the realistic and they are on all sides of all buildings.
I love them, even the very weird ones.
They tried to paint over this rather down to earth message:
In the early morning sunlight this busy street is a private parade of exotic street art:
The detail is astonishing:
They are vast and you can spend all day staring at their details.
 Mad Hatter's tea party with a Florida flamingo:
 Check out this amazing image painted onto the wall of a neurology center:
Even the walls facing the alley get their art (and their cat feeding station ignored by Rusty, good dog).
Some of them have messages too personal for an outsider to to follow and some may have a cultural context I am too dense to understand.
But I like them all.
And none of them is disfigured by graffiti or vandalism. Amazing.
Even after dark some of them shine.