Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Pines

A new/old park has resurfaced in Key West, and it's at Faraldo Circle off South Roosevelt. It's been so long I had pretty much forgotten about it.It so happened that as I arrived Cool Hand Luke and crew were leaving after a few last bits of clean up. You will often seen these sad souls working alongside the highway, petty criminals doing their time at the Road Prison in Big Pine Key and spending their days keeping the state highway looking good.
No sooner is the park near the airport reopened than it gets new/old residents settling in:
These guys have nothing to do with the essay but I thought they looked cute in their second generation electric rental car a little nicer looking vehicle than the bulbous bubble car shaped Gem electric cars rented around town.The pines is a small wood next to the East Martello Tower the brick fort seen beyond the trees:They put in some nice rebuilt cement block and wood picnic tables to enjoy the water views: The Pines had been a staging area for the construction materials used to build the new departure terminal at Key west "International" Airport. The cement block in the background is the parking garage:And if chickens don't float your boat there are local residents wandering around:Non locals show up to look around the artwork on display at the East Martello Tower. They could have just read my essay on the subject:
On the other hand I applaud them for improving themselves and their knowledge of my hometown which deserves more respect than it gets on Lower Duval.
Mens sana in corpore sano, they used to tell me in school as they forced us out to exercise in the cold and the rain to keep a sound mind in a healthy body. Something like that. I'd rather be riding a bicycle along the seawall and stopping to inspect the crystal clear waters than chasing a ball around an English rugby field in winter.
It's less healthful but arguably more fun to ride a big bad motor sickle along the seawall. This is Key West so it has to be a big V twin.Back at The Pines Cheyenne had run out of things to sniff.
This is the place to bring a burrito from Badboy and keep an eye on those sparkling waters. Can't do this in February on the Jersey shore, can you? Not in your shirt sleeves at any rate.
And you can't see this in Vancouver either. Unless you're outside the US Consulate. We fly lots of flags in the US lest we forget who we are. This one also helps confirm their arrival plans for Cuban refugees landing from the land of free health care to the south.Loads of visitors flash by on South Roosevelt. I wonder if they even notice The Pines? It's another of those little pockets of serenity for which Key west, a small island, should be famous. But it's not, happily for me.
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