Saturday, July 13, 2019

Sammy Creek

I saved these images for a nice slow Saturday layout, more pictures fewer words.
 I like Sammy Creek on Sugarloaf  as Rusty does his thing and I get to point the camera.
 The canal that goes up into the island produces a very satisfactory current under the road bridge.
 Teaching the next generation the important life skills to live in the Keys:
 They have a billboard showing the original house on the land which the family donated to the state to create the park. Oddly enough I remember the building but never photographed it myself:
 The creek recently disturbed by a boat:
 Rusty exploring the road. There are a couple of houses the other side of the bridge.
 The road ends about a mile further along. These empty roads are where youngsters come at night to let off steam and burn rubber: 
 Rusty the headless dog:
It doesn't take much to keep my dog and I amused on a sunny afternoon.