Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pedaling Key West

Cycling is a common pursuit in Key West, often advertised as the best way to get around the Southernmost City.

They pedal here and they pedal there, on machines not necessarily expensive or hip.

Baskets are important when your bike is your station wagon.

My problem with cycling is that riding a bicycle actually puts you on a vehicle in the traffic stream.

Even on something bizarre you are a vehicle, even when you are on the phone...

When walking you are a mere pedestrian, traveling slowly, on the sidewalk, able to stop at random, look around, take a picture...

A bicycle is a very smart conveyance and solves a lot of transportation problems, especially in a small flat over crowded town with too little parking for too many cars.

And they can look pretty:

But to see Key West, too look around,

I prefer to walk.

Sometimes when walking is too difficult you may be tempted to load up your crutches and ride. No argument there, even in the harrowing traffic of narrow Truman Avenue.

You might ride too fast to notice the assets at Bare Assets...

Or you might just ride to mind your own business while avoiding cars...

Sometimes you will spot something really weird as you whiz by, like a large yellow dog resting in a puddle by the sidewalk. That could be enough to distract your attention from your velocipede.

And some riders gently wend their homeward way on three wheels, easy does it.