Saturday, March 8, 2014

Divergent Walks

Cheyenne and I walk together once or twice or more each day but I am not sure we experience the same paths even as we stroll side by side. I noticed the old white elephant of the former Harris School on Southard Street. This used to be the city's high school, gradually abandoned, once proposed as a cultural center and then purchased to be a business center. Never quite restored, here it sits now for sale.

My wonder at the tortured path followed by this historic building in it's inevitable decline is completely ignored by my dog who finds smells of unimaginable interest in a pile of dead palm fronds.

I saw a car with a Missouri tag and a "dive bum" bumper sticker and I felt sadness for whoever it is, so awkwardly placed, geographically, for that particular hobby. I hope they take joy at the absurdly high cost of living here, one of the prices to be paid for proximity to dive areas.

People will tell you that compared to some places in the country rents in Key West aren't terribly out of line. Compared to Florida rents here are high and when you understand what peculiar configurations rental properties can take it is no wonder people appear mad to want to live here. Check out this door to nowhere:

But let's face it, March blew in sunny and warm, and despite the interruption of a gray rainy cold front color is always to be seen on the streets year round.

And for Cheyenne this weather is a nuisance. For a Labrador in a fur coat the cold of winter is always better than the sun and heat that please me.

Like many good friends we are opposites, Cheyenne and I.