Wednesday, April 27, 2016


I've wanted to try this place for a while and the word is that it's good. For some time I have been enjoying the cheaper end of the dining scene in Key West and I think it's better value, often than the all-frills-included eateries. In short: I had high hopes.
Complete lack of pretension on Southard Street between Duval and Whitehead. Frita's Cuban Burgers Note the menu page I've linked to is rather oddly laid out but continuous scrolling will get you to the good stuff at the bottom of the page.
I met my main man JW, a former dispatcher now working elsewhere for the city in some amorphous department that gives him evenings and weekends off. When he worked with me on nights in dispatch we used to joke about how night shift was Sparta! but now the joke's on him as he is some day shift bugger. 
When we decided to have lunch we both suggested Frita's as the place. JW is a Conch so he had his Frita Burger traditional style while I pursued my goal of eating eggs with my burgers while trying not to make a mess. I did pretty well. These things are absurd. They are a patty of pork and beef mixed and there is chorizo in there with additional spices, so they may be Cuban burgers but they are far from bland. I like Cuban food but generally its very Caribbean and not at all Mexican, which is to say food is served at face value with no sauces or much spiciness. These things are very different. If I call them burgers you won't get the right idea at all. Inaddition to the spices and tangy  sauce they come with shoe string fries made  in the shop and they taste remarkably good. 
I should have ordered some fried yucca which I love or plantains or something but there was a lot of food to digest here while we talked about stuff. Catching up with JW was fun as there is always something going on in his life beyond keeping up with his daughters and coaching and all that other Conch stuff that he loves. He has a funny story or two in his back pocket and not always do they show people up to best advantage. 
I forgot to ask the cheerful lady her name but judging by some web sleuthing I did this should be the owner of this splendid establishment Marcia. She also brought me lemonade to drink which I was told was good and it was. JW pronounced it done properly. 
There is a ton of tat on the walls giving the place a lively colorful air, including the rather absurd police calendar which sold out in a  hurry (for a good cause) proving once again I have no taste as there is a pent up demand apparently for pictures of shirtless cops in assorted poses.

Frita's, worth a visit.