Saturday, August 1, 2009

White Street Night Time

I do like White Street by night. I was there yesterday on my lunch break around 1:30 in the am. In the picture above we are looking south toward Sandy's Café and in the distance, the White Street Pier. In the picture below we see White Street looking north toward Eaton Street.
The big white building on the corner of Truman Avenue houses a well known travel agent who gets in the newspaper occasionally for organizing off the beaten track adventure tours in dusty messy places around the world. And for apparently choosing to put ornate metal sculptures in the shop window.
Across the street the fish vendor seems to have got a good thing going. It hasn't been there that long but it seems to be doing well, in a town with lots of fish competition:I can't help myself; I like photographing Key West homes and especially at night, double especially if there is a Bonneville in the frame:
Some dude came by and nearly gave me a heart attack when he asked if i was selling my Bonneville. "Argh! Never!!" I squawked. "Oh," he said, "I thought you might be photographing it for eBay," he went on "Nice bike," obviously to mollify me after he saw my pained expression.
No this Bonneville is not for sale, get your own.
I have no idea why they call it Author's Guest house- perhaps it's a criterion for would be guests?- but it's Palm trees look good at night. Especially with a Triumph in front. I know it's lame to keep mentioning it, but I haven't been including the Bonneville in enough pictures lately.How about this Conch Cottage with deep velvety black night sky behind? And the Bonneville blah...blah...blah.
Talk about a velvet back ground, I took this picture of the plaque at the veterans cemetery on White Street near Southard:without the flash and with a five second exposure this was what I got of the area behind the picket fence: And across the street this rather formal topiary hedge. I'm not sure if it counts as an actual topiary being as how the hedge doesn't properly look like a carved animal but I was figuring maybe you could call it a caterpillar and be done?And then there is Art in other tangible forms along the street:Not to mention Cuban food next door:
And my friend Amy runs her gym on this stretch of White Street as well. Their original shared location burned down across the street from Sandy's Café but the Stay Fit Studio landed on it's feet here:And then finally a reminder that traffic always tends to be a little heavier on White Street, a major artery across the city. A couple of scooters came blatting through while I was taking these pictures so I snapped the shutter on one of them:
Just for fun. here today, gone tomorrow in a streak of red and white light...