Thursday, March 5, 2020

Mallory Square

I rather liked this picture of a cruise ship at Margaritaville which I put through a  mild sepia filter.
And in black and white the modern ugly cruise ships gain a touch of old world elegance. 
Mallory Square during the day isn't what tourists see at sunset when everyone gathers to enjoy a spectacle. At the moment there is some refurbishing going on so it is rather utilitarian.
The views across the water happily don't change.

The Waterfront Playhouse has been offering performances of not much interest to me this year. I like dramas over musicals and the Red Barn has captured my attention. The location of this one actually on the waterfront isn't at all bad.
He takes time to sit and watch people, does Rusty:
By virtue of the fact that I enjoy walking around downtown I am become quite fond of the public toilets, even though this corner of Mallory Square isn't exactly picturesque. Sorry about that, but it is historic. 
I like the other views of popular attractions, pull back the curtain and here it is after hours...