Saturday, November 6, 2010

Summerland Wood

I liked the school bus stop but the presence of a tumbler, of the type used to sip whisky made a photo irresistible. I imagined the little dears sitting and waiting for the bus while refreshing themselves with a stiff 'un. I was never so lucky.
Put enough trees together and you make a tunnel. Sometimes you have to stare at the details to see the whole.
A weather related note: we are in the throes of the first hard core cold front of the winter. We had one a few weeks ago but it was pretty mild. The second front of the Fall usually breaks the back of summer and with night time temperatures tonight predicted around 60 degrees I am off work and will be snuggled between my wife and my dog who will be pressed into service as a hot water bottle. I know 60 degrees (15 Canadian) doesn't seem like much to the lost souls Up North but the thing about temperatures is that they measure contrasts and it hasn't been that cold around here for a while.

This time of year the cold is a pleasant change. We will open a bottle of red wine, perhaps something we bought in New Mexico this past summer to remember the heat of Las Mesillas and Sunday morning we get to sleep in an extra hour. If Cheyenne wants to go out she lets herself out through her dog door, and she is already getting frisky with these cooler days. Of course the heat will come back in waves and we will soon be seeing temperatures around 80 or more degrees (28 C), but this weekend is one to savor as the first and refreshing cold weekend of the winter. By January I will have had enough and be looking forward to summer's heat once again. But for now I'm seeking out my sweatshirt and a down duvet to sit under in the living room as the wind howls and we pretend snow is falling outside. It will feel cold enough to us.