Friday, May 3, 2013

Seen Around Town

A  disembodied head. And yes I know its off a mannequin but it was  a little disturbing nonetheless, all dressed up and everything.
"It gets harder at the Red Garter," Har har hearty har har. The Red Garter is a strip club populated by anaemic wan eastern European blondes showing off their chests to eager drunken hopeless men. I know because I went there once with a friend and the place made me sad, not hard.
"Sale Pending"  magic words in a very peculiar and uncertain economy. Better that than "Spain" where official numbers indicate more than a quarter of the workforce isn't working. What the real numbers are I dread to think.
A  trim Conch house with louvered shutters and neat green trim.
I liked the superimposed letters on the  well worn city sign. Generally I've found the city public works department responsive to requests for signage. Perhaps the author always lives by the adage that God helps those as help themselves. It works. 
A piece of history in my life. My wife and I checked this place out on Margaret Street many years ago. It was for sale for $250,000 but my wife didn't like the open plan layout. I often wonder when I walk by if I'd have gone quickly mad had we tried to live this  close to the heart of it all in Key West. Perhaps not.
Another sign in the window of the Silver plams on Tryuman Avenue: Rooms Available. Barely visible in the window reflections, but there nonetheless. It is almost miraculous how much more easily traffic flows on Highway One and around town now that the winter residents have buggered off home.
I met an aquaintance on Virginia Street. Peg was walking a friend's dog. We stopped and talked about our good fortune working for the city. And our matching footwear. She was a good sport about it.
I found these chaise longues cluttering the sidewalk. Perhaps they were unwanted and free. Or stored temporarily in public.
I left them where I found them. After much thought I have come to the conclusion that one major aspect of life in the Keys that I like is the principle of living and letting live. It is eroding but I treasure it what's left of it. That and "the weather and laid back island life (whatever that is)"... and all the other tiresome cliches quoted by each Citizen of the Day in the newspaper.