Monday, April 23, 2018

Jack Riepe Does It Again

Jack Riepe has published his second book this year proving I suppose he really is  writing his heart out. I've read both books and I am not alone in believing them to be works of genius.  What he's managed to achieve in these two books is an evocation of a time and place  that we all would like to return to: our youth. Beyond that he has also written about a lifestyle filled with glamor and pain, Jack's own youth relived in the pages of these books. Love found and lost, motorcycles untamed by modern electronics and riders living on the edge. And it all happened in the 1970s in New Jersey.
The thing is the books are funny. It's hard to imagine picking up a book about New Jersey 1975 and splitting your sides laughing but here's the proof. And not too far in the future Riepe is promising the third book in the series. I suppose at this stage one has to take him seriously. You can order the first two books here at his website...
I have got to know Jack over the years and his world has always been populated by strange events, fast women and motorcycles. How he manages to turn this mess of personal history that would drive me mad into something to laugh about I'm not sure. One rarely understands the magic performed in front of one's very eyes. Mother's day is coming and he's offering autographed sets of his first two books for delivery in time for mother to enjoy the nostalgia of a past that may or may not have existed inside or outside her imagination. Riepe makes me want to to go back to a place I had never been, to make me feel like a welcomed arrival at the Bucket of Blood,  to have me squatting next to him in the rain fixing the BSA of the redoubtable Alex, to ride the wild wooded roads of New Jersey littered with the debris of a world gone by. 
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It's nostalgia with a punch fizzing with life and demanding to be read. You owe it to yourself to click on his webpage,