Sunday, April 12, 2020

Old Bahia Honda Alone

Photos are anecdotal inasmuch as I can take a picture any old time and make it look like the highway is jammed or empty. But believe me when I tell you I stopped on Niles Channel Bridge, forty feet above the water and took this picture absolutely alone on the highway for a mile behind me and half that in front. That's not a moment in time, that's the reality of roadblocks coming into the Keys and most people out of work.
 Arriving at Bahia Honda on a lovely morning and I was all alone. With Rusty. We walked alone.
I live near Venture Out, a residential trailer park on Cudjoe Key filled with dog owners who conscientiously walk their dogs at least twice a day and I applaud them for their diligence. (I played with photography filters to enhance the unnatural colors below).
However aside from the boredom of walking the same streets every single day I don't see the safety in numbers of  dodging a dozen dog walkers on the same street. 
Did I overdo this one? I post it here because this a page between friends not as an example of high photographic art. I see lots like this on Instagram but though I find it fun to push back the envelope of tedium closing in during the pandemic it's not my style to process pictures that hard. If you like it by all means copy and use it, as you can with any of my pictures.
 For some reason I was looking down while walking the beach, watching where I put my feet as I am always more careful than I used to be before my accident, and I found an ancient 20th century relic. I have to say I don't remember film photography with anything but irritation so holding this long lost automatic film canister in my hand did not bring back happy memories. I love digital.
 Rusty and the full moon that had everyone in ecstasy recently.
 I'll tell you what though, with all this full pink moon stuff going around I got some good tips to photograph the moon properly next time I am inclined.  If we are still locked down I'll be forced to give it a  go in a month. I also learned about Earthshine and photography. Honestly though I find photographing celestial bodies to be only marginally interesting in relation to what's underneath.  A horizon underneath the photographed moon might make it more interesting. Here's a yellowish moon:
Bird on a Stick alert. Turkey vulture giving me the stink eye. You know things are not going well when vultures look askance at you. I took the picture and reminded the bird that Rusty and I were both quite alive, just resting.
 I tell you, we were completely alone shortly after seven in the morning last Wednesday. Check out these pictures that need no captions. Oh by the weay the coronavirus stuff is still going on and businesses are still closed and you can't visit the Keys by car without a local ID. All that stays the same but the beauty is still here for us to enjoy.

Rusty found a hole and told me he wanted a rest.  Who was i to argue? We were still all alone. Sad but lovely.