Wednesday, December 1, 2010

16th Street

This was my wife coming round College Road in the Ford Fusion bringing the dog for an outing into Key West. I had delivered my wife's Vespa to her school so she can ride it around town while at work and she picked me up in the Fusion as I waited in front of the Florida Keys Community College. While my wife shopped at Publix supermarket before we started on the 25 mile (40km) journey home I took Cheyenne for a walk in New Town.16th Street is typical of the breed of streets that sprang up on the eastern side of the island during the construction boom of the 1950s and 60s. Searstown, the first modern shopping mall appeared in 1964 and many Conchs sold their homes downtown to be able to afford a decent sized tract of land to build modern houses with all modern conveniences.Much has been made of the fact that many Old Town homes were built of salvaged ship materials during the wrecking era of the young city's history. It's a romantic notion but the picturesque houses that remain in Old Town may not be the most expansive or comfortable and a sturdy ranchette house like this may look attractive to someone looking for ease of living.Stick a few trees and bushes around the concrete block structure and you take away a lot of the visual harshness of modern construction.
Palms always seem to be in good taste in this town.
Around here there is generally a lot more room for stuff and a lot fewer visitors clogging the streets up.Cheyenne spotted something of interest across the street: a fenced in dog yakking wildly.
She usually ignores other dogs and happily carries on sniffing her way down the street. I can't imagine how frustrating it must have been to her to have spent eight years not being allowed to wander pretty much at will; she is making up for lost time with me.
I am quite fond of Bahama type shutters.
These low walls remind me of Caribbean homes I have seen.
The only two storey home I saw on 16th Street towering over it's neighbors.
A lovely bunch of bananas dangling in my face.
Despite the fact these homes are modern I find the layout and landscaping to be very enticing. And I am also fond of central air and windows that don't leak.
A magnificent tree house under construction.
Trapped dogs- you can just see them longing to come out and play with my indifferent dog.
Even here in the urban jungle the sunset produces a certain effect.
You just have to stand still long enough to notice it.