Conchscooter: I was given this web name (pro: "konk-scooter") by a motorcycle forum many years ago, I don't even remember anymore  which forum it might have been. I live on Ramrod Key at Mile Marker 27 because I like living away from the intense chaos of small town life in Key West and I also enjoy commuting by motorcycle. I met my wife of 18 years in Santa Cruz California and we sailed to Key West in 1998, passing through the Panama Canal with our dogs in the last weeks of joint US/Panamanian Administration.             


Cheyenne: My sidekick in my travel adventures is a yellow Labrador saved from the Key West SPCA in 2009 aged 8 years old. Her previous family dumped her for the crime of being too old. In the picture above on the sailboat we see Emma, the yellow Lab and Debs the Husky who were also found dogs at the Santa Cruz SPCA who died after we arrived and settled in Key West. Cheyenne encourages me to walk and take pictures which is all we need to do to enjoy our days together.
Key West Diary: I started this blog in June 2007. I had been active on the Web but I wanted a corner to call my own where I would call the shots and I could write what I wanted. I like grammar, clauses, convoluted sentences, irony, dry humor and a train of thought that has a beginning and a middle and an end. I don't care for Twitter, Facebook or the newer abbreviated means of text communication. Blogs are coming to seem as old fashioned as print but I don't mind.
History: I started out writing Key West Vespa because I had a Vespa 250 and I figured I'd write about riding the Lower Keys. Pretty soon the Vespa proved horribly unreliable so I sold it and wondered what to do with the blog. By this stage I had alreadyr ealised that a single subject was going to be boring to write, especially as there isn't much variety to the riding here. I also realised that through the power of the Internet it is possible to travel vicariously and see places through world wide photography. During slow moments in my life  I would tyope in a place name and check the pictures that came up. There were never enough blogs like the one I have created here, to simply illustrate a place.
Purpose: That I may be quite clear let me say out loud that I have no commercial interest in anything much. I work for the city of Key West (as a 9-1-1 Dispatcher on night shift) and that therefore I have every hope this tourist town will continue to prosper and grow ever stronger economically. However I am no shill and I have no interest in the contemporary passion for sugar coating, lying or subverting in the name of commerce. My blog is a way to get me out of the house and doing something, be it ever so banal as simply photographing a mangrove. I have opinions and I express a few as a relief valve. I enjoy living in these islands so if from time to time I get lyrical its because I am pleased to be here. I am not a tour guide, I have no clue what hotels or restaurants to recommend. I am not a relocation service, and I advise people to be very cautious before they try to turn Paradise of the Mind into Daily Grinding Reality. My wife and I backed into our lives in key West, mostly by accident and here we are. If these pages give pleasure I am glad but this is the Seinfeld Blog of Key West, a lot of pictures about not too much plot. I hope it works for you.