Wednesday, December 12, 2012

No Name Deer

They were fearless these little fawns, standing by the side of the road as we drove past, Cheyenne and I.

It's difficult to tell how small they are lacking any perspective, but let me say they stood probably less than three feet at the shoulder.

It must be the time of year, I saw another tiny fawn near No Name Pub after I crossed the bridge back to Big Pine Key.

It was a rainy day and with the dog walked I spent my afternoon on the couch with tea and a book. The fawns? I have no idea how their day went, grazing probably as deer do.

Colombian Grace

I have long wanted to try this place on petronia Street in Bahama Village and I finally got to go.

My wife and I shared a  starter which was a sort of soup of calamari in a tomato sauce with a pile of white rice in the middle of the bowl. It was excellent.
After that the meal took a pause got to work on our two main dishes. The sangria was good too, a decent quality red wine, not too sweet with finely ground fruit made it unusual and easy to sip. We did a lot of that as the main course took it's  sweet time showing up.  It was fine we were in no hurry.
 My wife and I visited the Colombian Island of San Andres when we were sailing the Western Caribbean and we reminisced about it as we waited for our main course. I didn't remember but my wife reminded me that in Colobia we always got soup with our meals. True enough, unlike other Central American countries Colombia was the land of the soup. We used to eat out a lot as meals ashore cost less than two dollars each usually, and even my wife, an avid cook agreed it was cheaper to eat ashore when we were near a town.   

The picture above shows  my wife's  main course a fish stew Colombian style. I had never seen anything like it in Latin American cuisine, a milky cream chowder with molten bubbling cheese on top. It was delicious and rich and filling.

My  main course was what I called "breakfast-for-dinner" and consisted of a series of different items beautifullyund the plate: rice, beans, eggs, plantains sweet and savory, avocado, sausage and steak, d cheese. It was perfect and quite filling.
It was a delightful meal, leisurely with a cheerfukl competent waiter and a pleasant atmosphere in the restaurant which filled as the evening progressed.
The bill came to $110 with tax and tip and was well worth the money. Dinner was an extravagance but as far as value for money goes it was all there. I look forward to retuom for dessert which is bound to be spectacular.

 Then we rounded out the evening with a visit to the Tropic. Excellent stuff all round.