Friday, September 22, 2017

Key West Boats- Irma

I saw this boat  washed up on Christmas Tree Island (formally known as Wisteria Island for a boat that sank there). They seem to have set up camp alongside it which seems sensible. I wonder when there will be a tide high enough to float that full keel?
 I was astonished when I checked the viewfinder of my camera after I took this telephoto shot from Simonton Beach. There are some big boats under those tall masts behind the island. What a mess.
 On patrol:
Sunset Key got its share. I wonder if they sent the game keeper down to move along hoi polloi on the beach:
More patrolling: 
 Smathers Beach:
 Cow Key Channel. Stock Island is out of sight to the left in this picture:
 They are either crazy or  inspired. I prefer to think inspired. I hope they make it.
 Cow Key Channel survivors:

 I saw people trying to get this boat back in order Monday afternoon:
I wish them luck. Glad I'm not on the water.