Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Government Road

The  end of October mess will be upon us soon enough but in the meantime this is where they store the paraphernalia when it's not in use.
I guess Coca Cola provides the recycling bins and here they all are securely locked up by the city. 
For Cheyenne the very end of Government Road is  a reflective spot to wander a little and check out what's going on. My girl has been under the weather lately causing me all kinds of stress and anxiety. First she pulled a muscle in her leg and could hardly move. That caused her to yelp in frustration whenever we left her alone and I was worried my wife would have to cancel her trip to California. In the event Cheyenne recovered enough and then stopped eating and drooped around the house. More anxiety for me but she is back on her food, back drinking water, back walking around with her stiff legged gait of old age. Every day is a gift.
 I wrote about this place  fully five years ago: LINK

 I have been back more than once. LINK
Cheyenne soon tired of walking even though I took her out late in the day to minimize the heat. She rested and I played with the camera in my phone, looking at the airport in the distance.
Government Road runs alongside the airport property. Decades ago there was a road cutting south from theis road to join Smathers Beach on the other side of the runway, according to old photos and maps.The road is visible just past the end of the runway:
Aerial view of the Key West International Airport 
Photo Courtesy State Library  Florida Memory
I watched the planes for a while and saw a bunch of people high tailing it out of Key West.
I was glad to be driving home with my worn out dog.