Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Niles Road, Summerland Key

I keep hoping irritating people will go home but so far no dice. Parking in the turn around is apparently what they do in New York and Michigan but luckily my Fusion sedan is small enough a few back and forths got me turned so I could loose the dog of war on some unsuspecting mangroves. 
I could hear the sounds of conversation up the trail, New Yorkers doubtless picnicking but Rusty was even less keen than I to make pointless small talk about the weather and the water and he turned around to lead me into the woods for some exploring.
I like that he likes the back woods. Cheyenne lost her taste for these places long ago so it has been years since I wandered around here. One time I even heaved the hundred pound Labrador onto the bridge and we walked all the way to the very end of the trail.
Rusty is not a water dog. He sniffs the bushes...
...which gives me time to play with the iPhone camera.

Land crab holes.  I am learning new techniques for the iPhone camera so I trust one day I shall have a chance to get a decent picture of the startling orange and blue crabs that live down these holes and move as swiftly as the wind: