Friday, February 7, 2020

Window Shopping

I like Sloppy Joe's Bar when it's closed. The dutch barn doors are sealed, there's no one around and the clock on Old City Hall says I made the picture shortly before seven in the morning, a civilized hour to be downtown. Later of course the doors will open and the drinking and eating will begin. I will be long gone.
The CVS program on Duval Street is still going strong showcasing local artists, per their agreement with the landlord, the owner of Fast Buck Freddie's that used to own the space. The artists who is a friend of my wife's said all you have to do is apply and they will slot you in for the next available date. Lucy lucked out and got  a date apparently in the very middle of high tourist season for maximum exposure. Very cool.
Around the corner on Fleming I was taken by the display of local books at Island Books. Still going strong and visible.
I puzzled over this sign for a while. It seems as though the only qualification to get a peace sign on a safety pin is to buy something. 
And here is the window display of the other CVS store, one of many chain store pharmacies in the city. Enticing isn't it. No local artists here, Just boxes of stuff!
I loved these plastic hat holders and I'm someone who never wears hats. They would be brilliant in a storm.
A short walk with a  few ideas and some pictures of everyone's favorite -Key West. That's it. Go back to doing something useful. Your break is finished.