Thursday, April 12, 2012

Simonton Beach

Strolling up to the end of Simonton Street I spotted one of Key West's finest keeping an eye on tourists enjoying the sliver of downtown beach.

"Like day shift, do you?" I asked my colleague. He grinned. We are sharply divided between those that love days and those like me that love nights.
The restroom hut that had been a haven for scruffy residentially challenged oiks is soon to be transformed they say.

The city has approved a plan to create a concession stand here, a plan I heartily endorse. The sooner the better.

I'm sure these visitors might have been tempted to buy a coffee or a soda or perhaps rent a kayak or something.

Simonton Beach is fifty feet wide, the size of a large city lot and it's a window on the city's harbor.

Across the way you can see Wisteria Key (Christmas Tree Island to locals) whose ownership is under review by the Federal government who recently found out to their surprise, that they may own the spoil island, just in time to save it from development by the rapacious Bernstein family. They wanted to build 75 homes on the island which is zoned for just two. That plan got them a lot of attention as they maneuvered to outwit the county and a local activist discovered an anomaly which indicates the US government never released it's interest in the island. Had they had the wit to build two very expensive homes no one would have been any the wiser. Ah, delicious irony.

Commercial fishing boat, pleasure boat, and parasailer all in one spot. Key West harbor is a busy place and fun to watch from Simonton Beach.

The beach is also a relief for city dogs on leashes.

It's a pretty spot, seen here looking north.

Guests at the big hotel next door get their own private dock.

There they go, past the window on the harbor that is the little beach.

Big floating homes at anchor.

Center cockpit Island Packet under some sail.

The dog too was done and off we all walked back into the mêlée that is downtown.

I saw one scruffy oik and he wandered off when he saw the cop. Simonton Beach is open for visitors once again. And soon perhaps the new concession stand will be open too.

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