Friday, November 27, 2015

Post Holiday Key West

Thanksgiving is over, long live Thanksgiving! Now it's time for Christmas in the long march to New Year's Day. So we see poinsettias:
Key West in December will look pretty much like it does every other month, except the sun is lower in the sky, and the newspaper headline has an extra letter.
How they make the rent selling everything for five dollars continues to be a mystery.  Nevertheless five dollars continues to be the mantra, through post-Thanksgiving sales and Christmas sales and so forth.
"Gifts of Enchantment" set my mind to thinking. Then I heard the Pelican Poope shop on Simonton Street is closing. I shan't miss the name, nor the gifts of enchantment they sell either. When I think of local business I wish we could also include useful places too. I miss Valladares the newspaper seller on Duval at Catherine.
Not Greece; Kino Plaza.
The city is promising to put 15 local poets in the ground around the city. The first is Key West's poet laureate Kirby Congdon:
I walk on sand
and leave a trail
of footprints,
hard and deep.
The wash of waves
fills my step
in hasty cascades.
Water and sand return,
not quite the same;
the tide, its oceans,
the earth itself
are changed.

          -KIRBY CONGDON

That early morning sun, low in the sky, cast this shutter in bronze.
Duval Street, empty, as we like it, Cheyenne and I.
Let the others shop in a frenzy, we walk, my dog and  and enjoy the cool morning air, on the day after Thanksgiving, when we are still remembering to give thanks.