Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Truman Waterfront Desert

I stopped by Truman Waterfront to check the status of all the construction and found a desert of grit and dirt and fences and signs and all that goes with change. Lots of Danger too, though it didn't look dangerous...
There is still access to the floating museum that is the Ingham Coastguard cutter though it's hidden behind construction fencing. The traffic you see in some of these pictures is mostly people going to Fort Zachary Taylor  State Park.
There has been tons of controversy with half the city coming down in favor of a new amphitheater which opponents (the loud half of the city) fear will bring too much traffic, too many concerts with loud music and so on.
Personally  I'd have liked to have  seen a park in the old fashioned sense, grass, gumbo limbo shade trees and benches to sit and contemplate the menaing of life, but that ship has sailed, big time. And check out these roads which look more like freeways to my jaundiced eye...
 I used to walk Rusty in the grass on the north end of the waterfront area which is now fenced off...
 ...and this is  only phase one. There is access to facilities but as far as park stuff goes there is nothing for the time being.
 I  stuck my  iPhone over the fence and recorded what I could not see directly. The old Navy warehouse is still there at least for now which is cool:
This a big project. Whatever you think about it. 33 acres of former Navy base being torn up and rebuilt.
It's been almost fifteen years I think since this was Navy property and the city has been wondering what to do with it.
After the Navy guard houses came down we all knew change was going to happen sooner or later and now the change is on. Cheyenne liked walking this area too so I have some nostalgia:
Out with the old and in with the new. Sigh.