Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Cool, Gray and Slow

I had to go into town yesterday and I woke up to the unmistakable sound of water hitting the roof and slashing the palm fronds outside the house. It was a cool crisp day and Cheyenne had made the choice to ignore the open doors and lay on her bed snoozing full of breakfast and unwilling to get up. I checked the weather map and it looked like the rain clouds were breaking up. I pulled on my Frogg Toggs and set off on two wheels. The air was cool, the skies were gray and the traffic was slow. Great, but I was snug and enjoying my ride.
Triumph Bonneville, Overseas Highway
Much has been made on Facebook about the nastiness of 65 degree days combined with cold north winds and rain and it's true I did hesitate a bit before plunging into the shower especially as my feet have been cold for days but really its not hat bad. Maybe I am hardening up but I haven't even hunted up my woolen watch cap (though I have thought about it). This weather is all right, it's a change and it makes me feel like I am part of the great eastern freeze gripping the states Up North: 
And yes, I know some people enjoy the snow and the transformation of the countryside but all I can think is that some people leave their pets outside which thought makes me ill, and then too riding is impossible. I did ride to school when I was young and living an hour from a technical school I was enrolled in. I rode through the outskirts of London in snow because I preferred my motorcycle to train travel but in my defense I was 21 and stupid. But I managed without falling off and quite enjoy the daily adventure of truly foul weather, and darkness on the ride home.
Triumph Bonneville, Overseas Highway
Gray skies, uniformly cloud covered, and a break in the rain convinced me to stop to let slow traffic pull ahead and I wandered around for a bit around Mile Marker 13, enjoying the views and the flat waters. I had expected some white caps on the water but there was none to be seen. 
Triumph Bonneville, Overseas Highway
The Bonneville is running nicely even though I have found a rather odd quirk in the starting procedure where the bike starts easily without a choke and just wants a little applied after it starts running. I was flooding the poor bike by pulling the choke out as one would normally and I was thinking maybe it needed new spark plugs. Nope, it starts fine and runs fine just as it is. I appreciate the ease of use and light handling of the Bonneville more and more especially after riding the 800 pound Indian Chief. 
Florida Winter Sunshine
I am looking forward to sunshine but the forecast looks rather gloomy so I fear I may be a bit gloomy myself into next week. That and struggling to get Apple to approve 911buddy which is a profound annoyance as our first submission got one list of changes they demanded and I am sure more adjustments will be required as the process moves forward at a  glacial pace. The whole process is Kafkaesque - the government has nothing on the faceless bureaucrats of Apple headquarters in Cupertino.