Sunday, August 30, 2020

Crane Boulevard

A change I thought,  is as good as a rest. Rusty apparently did not agree. 
I drove him out to  Crane  Boulevard for a  quick extra walk on our way from Key West.  The rain had passed, the air was damp but I thought it might make a pleasant stop. a different stop.
I may not have made this point before but my dog is a creature of habit and this walk is not on his circuit.
He walked fifty yards beyond the gate and then turned around and sniffed his way back toward the inhabited part of the road.
I thought oh well, it's his walk, his choice so he gets what he wants. I played with the camera seeking still life. A roadway stripe, the edges made dark by the rain:
A glint in the sun, rendered banal by the telephoto lens. 
We looked at mangroves for a while and resumed our interrupted journey home.