Friday, July 29, 2016

Everything Will Be OK

"Everything will be OK." I read that sort of sentiment and I wonder why it irks me. But it does anyway. How do they know everything will be okaY/ Because it has been okay so far? That seems a bit thin to me.
Then I walked past the No Trespassing sign stuck on a fence. These signs seem absurd to me as they disfigure the landscape pointing out the obvious. It's someone's front yard so of course there's no trespassing! Better yet in this case they forgot to put a gate on the fence so there is a no trespassing sign but it's not strongly enforced it looks like. I expect everything will be ok.
Then Rusty and I pass by a baseball cap hanging on a fence. Why it's there I couldn't say. It put me in mind of Hemingway days the coming weekend which I had off. Naturally my troublesome tooth developed an abscess and I spent the weekend off in bed or traveling to the doctor's for pills. Great stuff and I missed the festivities downtown. 
Rusty is becoming quite the urban dog. When I got him at the end of February he was all nerves especially in the city. Four years as a stray on Homestead streets made him worried about every little thing. He's got a lot more confident now and he enjoys walking the streets smelling everything and even meeting other dogs.
I am constantly amazed by people who think rescuing a dog means you are taking home a bundle of problems. Dogs are easy to fix and their gratitude is forever. People are the problem, people who mistreat dogs or other people. Dogs are ready to be loved and only want to please. Five months after I got him I declare Rusty mended and able to face the world.
He's more laid back than many pedigree dogs I meet bought from breeders and raised with all due attention. Besides which I am confident he can look after himself as he has proved over the course of years that he knows how to do that.
Happily from here on out he won't be alone anymore. So I guess for him everything is okay.