Thursday, March 10, 2016

Chapman Lane, Bahama Village

A cool Spring  night, a strong east wind, the anticipation of daylight savings time a mere week away and a few minutes to yourself in the middle of the night: Chapman Lane beckons...
"In the middle of the ghetto?" a rather timorous acquaintance of mine asked, voice trembling at my near brush with death. Bahama Village to me is just another Key West neighborhood and no one has ever bothered me there any more than they have elsewhere in the city at night or by day. 
I find the architecture here resembles the African American community that still constitutes a majority of the population in "the Village." Insofar as it is coherent and solid and based largely on the historic nature of the origins of Old Town Key West. Night photography here I find rewarding because there is an absence of glare and of invasive buildings and broken up blocks of old wooden houses.
Checking the Conch cottages lined up on Chapman you find they are as they once must have been more or less. No invasive Historic Architecture Review Commission requirements for modern structures here.

One after another the houses resemble what one expects to see in Old Town:

Check it out for yourself. Just about far enough from Duval to make the obnoxious noise disappear...